The Logitech G15 Keyboard – a Product Review

The Logitech G15 Keyboard has been my keyboard of choice ever since I won one in a contest. That was 2 years ago. I now feel that I have enough hands-on time with the product to give it the review that it deserves. First of all, as an ex semi-professional gamer, my mouse amp; keyboard mean as much to me as the rest of my computer. Most people just think of their keyboard as the thing they use to type, and their mouse as the thing they use to click. Not me. I need a keyboard that goes above amp; beyond the normal call of duty. The Logitech G15 is that keyboard.

The first thing I liked about the G15 was the LCD Information Panel. It displays important information for all of my games, Ventrilo, and also RAM amp; Processor load, and Date/Time on different configurable “pages” of the display. A very nice feature when you spend a lot of time gaming. It’s also back-lit, and has a variable brightness setting, so its crystal clear in any lighting condition. Situated around the LCD Display are a collection of media amp; volume-related buttons, so you no longer have to alt-tab out of game to skip a song, or turn down your music. The keys themselves are also back-lit, so even if you’re gaming well into the night, you don’t have to guess about what key you’re hitting.

The G15 also has 6 programmable ‘G-keys’, which can basically be used to perform any task you wish. The software for these keys that comes bundled with the keyboard’s driver even has a large database of pre-constructed macros for several games, which is very nice. Also, Logitech regularly updates their driver, and new games amp; commands are constantly being added. Also, each of the 6 keys has 3 profiles, and you can switch between profiles via a set of buttons directly above them on the keyboard, so those 6 keys can keep up to 18 different macros saved at one time altogether.

The final feature of the G15 is the 2 USB ports on the back of the keyboard. These are really handy for plugging in your headset, digital camera, ipod, or whatever you would normally have to reach around your tower to plug in, and I find them to be very handy.

Really, the only thing I regret about the G15 keyboard is not buying one sooner. In the 2 years that Ive had it, it has actually saved me money, because prior to owning it, I would burn through at least 1 keyboard a month. Looking at the newer models by logitech though I saw that the logitech g910 was listed as one of the best gaming keyboards.

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