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Minsley Cooked Brown Rice

A few of years ago a friend told me that brown rice was better for a person’s health than white rice. I had eaten white rice ever since I was a kid. One of the things we did with white rice was put it in a bowl, pour milk over it and top it with a sugar and cinnamon mix. At school they served fried white rice with white chicken gravy over it. I liked rice fixed in these ways. But when I tried brown rice it took some getting use to. The other problem with brown rice is the time it takes to cook. Cooking brown rice in a pressure cooker will speed up the process but it’s still a hassle. So when I was shopping at Costco and came across Minsley Cooked Brown Rice, I snatch it up. And it’s organic. That sweetens the pot all the more for me. I try to buy as much organic as I can.

Minsley Cooked Brown Rice (known as Gogo Rice at other stores) can be heated by microwave or by boiling the unopened container in water. Microwaving takes one minute and thirty seconds. In boiling water it takes ten minutes.

The ingredients in Minsley Cooked Brown Rice are: Organic Brown Rice and water.

Nutritional facts for Minsley Cooked Brown Rice for one serving, which is 3.7 ounces or one half of a container, are 155 calories with zero calories from fat. There are zero grams of total fat. Zero grams of saturated fat and zero grams of trans fat. There are zero milligrams of cholesterol and five milligrams of sodium. These all are zero percent of the daily values based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Total carbohydrates is thirty grams or ten percent of the daily value. Dietary fiber is two grams or eight percent of the daily value. Sugars are zero grams. Protein is four grams. Iron is four percent.

Minsley Cooked Brown Rice is a product of the U.S.A. and is manufactured by Minsley, Incorporated, Ontario, California. Costco carries this product in a box of six and it costs $6.99 a box–or $1.165 per container. It needs no refrigeration until opened. The plastic container is BPA free and can be recycled.

As I said earlier, it took some getting used to the taste of brown rice, but now I like it. I have put this rice in soups and have made Spanish rice with it. I also have put in under teriyaki chicken and orange chicken. I like the convenience of this rice. When I add it to soup I do it after the soup is hot. The rice is already cook and only needs to be heated up. The hot soup will heat the rice. I like everything about Minsley Cooked Brown Rice especially when its made with a cooker from It is convenient and easy to fix. It’s organic and has a good taste. There is no added artificial ingredients. Overall I give it four and a half stars out of five.

The Cheap And Best Espresso Machine

One of the world’s favourite drinks is the coffee. Legend has it that coffee was available or maybe it was discovered in the 9th century and since then it has been known to excite people who may be fighting sleep in the night as it helps one to keep awake. But for all you coffee lovers out there, please be informed that coffee has got more to it than just its ability to keep one awake. Coffee is a drink that has got many biological benefits up its sleeve. But, sometimes, preparing a cup of steaming coffee can be difficult for many. So there have come machines that help one to prepare coffee with ease. This is the espresso machine. Let’s discuss about some cheap espresso machine out there that make your job easier.


Espresso and the espresso machine:

This word is not a new word in the dictionary as espresso is not new in the market with the espresso machine having been designed right in the 18th century. Espresso is a coffee that is produced by applying some pressure to finely ground coffee beans by way of forcing some amount of hot water that is about to boil. The machine that does this is the espresso machine.


Cheap espresso machine:

Actually, producing high quality of coffee doesn’t require one to have a high-budget espresso machine and so today we’ll look at the cheap espresso machine available in the market. Those given below come under a hundred dollars and are some of the best available at this price range.

  • Philips SAECO Poemia Espresso machine.
  • De’Longhi 15 Bar Pump espresso and cappuccino maker.
  • Coffee ECMP50 espresso and cappuccino maker.

These are the top 3 in this price range and these are semi-automatic and so they require you to do some work as all the work may not be done by them.

Limescale In Appliances

Historically speaking, copper teakettles will always be well-known. The truly amazing tea-house growth of Europe found the primary uses of copper teakettles for cooking water. Intuitively copper teakettles were created as homestead knickknacks, increasing the sophistication of interior decor.

Today’s technology gives a multiple-collapse plus for copper teakettles. These advantages include much more improvements that are cosmetic, long-lasting, and more powerful. Shop around around many homes and you’ll notice copper teakettles making morning tea or hear the whistle of a newly-made joy.

The natural scent of fresh-brewed tea in day or the morning will do to re-invigorate the numbest of perceptions. The single-most significant aspect of effective tea-making is the tea-kettle. A making process that is common may contain water that is cooking in a open container. A tasty that was constant set of tea is much better made using a tea-kettle, such as one of the electric kettles featured here.

What greater method to begin your morning in relation to the sound of a Tea-Kettle whistle…suggesting that all is best and prepared. Significant: When buying copper tea-kettle, don’t mistake the slimmer copper teakettles as quality teakettles that are lower. Several pots shouldn’t be utilized for piping-hot teas and were created as decorative decorations. There certainly are several copper teakettles competing for the attention; these are simply a few:

Language Whizzing Tea Pot – Popular for fast vapor period and its traditional layout. These jar-covered birdwatcher British Tea Pots are to make tea in a crunching, excellent. No sorrows with one of these pots. They provide a cushty wood maintain and manage a 2 quarts that are sensible.

Cupretam Put La Desk Tinned Birdwatcher Pot – These birdwatcher teakettles host as much as a 2mm heavy container liner and carry a substantial 4 quarts. They provide a brown or cast iron manage, a finished outside that is jazzy and so are fixed with copper rivets that are solid.

• Solid-Copper Forged Tea Teakettles – These solid-copper teakettles steal a site out from the Language whistling teakettles publication; 2- from tarnishing, quart layered, with unique external covering that shields the copper tea-kettle. Increasing the sophistication of the birdwatcher tea kettle’s is metal emphasis and its outstanding dark manage.

• Solid-Copper Windsor Racing Pots – The protective finish on these copper teakettles boost worth by enabling the pot to be utilized for ornamentation or work as when the finish is eliminated as akitchen item. NOTE: Pots may tarnish without the layer that is extra. This can be A2- dime covered using a dark Bakelite handle, quart, solid-copper tea-kettle

Making use of their fashionable and generally- layouts that are recognized, it really is no question that their way has crept in to a lot of families over the earth. Needless to say, perhaps not absolutely all credit goes to only the birdwatcher Tea-Kettle type, utility and layout. Tea itself takes plenty of background that is significant, from the tea as well as the Celtics Tea-Party houses to Tea Kettle Junction positioned in Dying Area Countrywide Playground, Ca, United States, Cina, in Szechwan Province.